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1.57soh, Peter, I love this song.
1.2sOpen your mouth.
2.23slooks like we made it
2.12sBrian, right on time. I like that.
0.93sCome in.
1.2sSo, ready?
1.3sReady to shoot your first scene?
1.4sI sure am. Where's the set?
1.57s2nd door on your left.
3.03sSo, this is some kind of shampoo commercial, right?
2.28sDo I have to sleep with the dog in this one?
1.32sHey, Can someone fluff Paul?
2.09sHe's got, like, a windsock thing going on.
2.57sSo, this is some kind of shampoo commercial, right?
1.27sLook, Zack, i'm--I'm sorry.
1.5sThere's just no way I can do this.
1.47sI mean, i--I've been around.
2.17sYou know, i've--I've licked my share of peanut butter.
3.14sBut i--I just think you need to find yourself a new director.
0.83sAre you sure?
1.37sI just can't do this.
2.44sCome on, Is this any more degrading than washing cars?
1.79sAt least here you can be creative.