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1.83sBut when I was writing Coast Guard...
1.47sThat's what I do, I'm a writer...
1.83sAnyway, when I was writing Coast Guard,
2sI couldn't think of anyone other than...
1.4sThere's a woodpecker on your head.
1.4sYeah, He comes and goes.
2.4sAnd Now back to Kids Say the Darndest Things.
1.77sIt's ok. Take your time.
1.4sThen what happened?
3.09sHe said he would kill me if I ever said anything.
2.19sDo you remember what he looked like?
3.22sYeah. He had a scar on his arm.
2.69sAnd he had a big, stupid doo-doo head!
3.14s"A big, stupid doo-doo head!"
2.27sHonestly! The things these children come up with.
3.67sif you have a child you'd like to exploit in order to get a free trip to Los Angeles,
1.73sWhy not have them try out for our show?
1.65sOur Next auditions will be held in New York,
1.8sChicago, and Quahog, Rhode island.
2sHey, Maybe Stewie could get on that show.
2.25sUgh. You must be 'shrooming.
2.62sYeah! We can get a free trip to L.A. and see Brian.