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1.93sBrian, why didn't you tell us?
1.43sI thought you'd be ashamed of me.
3.24sAre you kidding? I ought to knock you out for not bringing me here sooner.
1.43sLook at the pair on that one, Lois.
1.12sBigger than your head.
2.05sSo, You guys aren't offended by this?
3.24sWell, I can't say I approve, but we love you.
1.9sIf this is what makes you happy,
1.38swe support you.
1.15sMy God!
3.97sI thought I needed to get away from you guys to find what was missing in my life,
3.1sbut the only thing I'm missing is my family.
3.65sHow could I ever become involved in this filthy, degrading business?
2sAnd the award goes to...
1.3sBrian Griffin!
2.23sOh, Wow! My God!
3.15sThis--This is unexpected.
1.85sI want to thank my incredible production team,
4.97swho've been with me from Shaving Private Ryan all the way to Welcome to My Face.
2.37sHe lives with us back in quahog.
2sYou got a nice wiggle, baby.
1.57sYou want to be in a movie?