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1.63sWhat you got there?
2.84sOh, You gonna go skiing now.
1.23sGive them back to me!
1.27sThey're of no use to you!
2.17sI'm going down the mountain.
2.53sDon't listen to him! That's not funny!
3.37sThat's just saying what happens when you go skiing!
2.05sHere I go, down the slope.
2.63sOh, I'm going zib, zob, zoobety-bob.
1.78sStop it! Stop applauding him!
2.34sHe's not even using real words anymore!
5.64sWe'll be back with a little girl from Atlanta who skips rope with her sister's pigtails.
1.77sgoo-goo, oodla!
1.67sNo! My segment's not over!
0.87sCome on, little fellow.
2.35sYou like to jump rope, don't you?
1.93sI like jump rope.
3.77sAll right. So, you're gonna just sit here and enjoy it.
2.54sI'm gonna sit here and enjoy it.
1.9sAnd I like pudding.
4.8sAnd Ghost Dad was the best movie I've seen since Leonard Part 6.