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1.18sHey, Mr. Barrington.
2.07sOh, hello, Peter. I'm so glad you're here.
3.24sWe're shooting bald guys under 5'7" today.
2.69sHey, there's the guy who denied my health insurance claim.
3.5sSir, your nipples are fine! You don't need to reconstruct them!
2.97sI want Hershey Kiss nipples, and I want you to pay for them!
1.95sLook, Mr. B., if it's okay with you,
1.97sI'd like to give my membership back to Carter.
3.7sI'm sorry, Peter, but I just don't think Pewterschmidt is country club material.
3.27sNow if you'll excuse me, I'm about to shoot Michael Stipe.
2.97s(STIFLING LAUGH) Is that him in the corner?
1.3sYes, that is him in the corner.
1.43sIs that him in the spotlight?
1.2sWould you... Oh!
1.4sDamn it! Now he got away!
1.97sOh, no. I said too much?
1.77sI want you out of here!
3.69sLook, Mr. Barrington, he's my father-in-law. So if he goes, I go.
1.38sFine, I don't care.
2.54sYour low-brow antics no longer amuse me, Griffin.
1.47sYou're both out of the club.
1.73sWell, I guess that's it then.
2.23sOh, there is one more thing, actually.