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1.1sI am submitting! It's getting worse!
1.17sNo, I mean really submit.
1.82sOkay, okay!
2.8sOh, my God, I meant say you're sorry, not take off your pants.
2.25sCarter, what are you doing? Oh, my God!
2.22sAnd now that I've made you aware of the misunderstanding,
1.5syou're still continuing with it.
3.47sOh, my God! And I'm still watching. What's wrong with me?
1.3sOh, my God!
3.6sANNOUNCER: We now return to Game of Thrones on BET.
2.25sI got a big-ass coat, chair to sit in,
2.27schalice cup of wine and a midget,
3sbut I ain't going out there with all them monsters out there!
4.25s(SOBBING) Daddy, what happened to you?
1.97sI can't live without the country club.
2.12sYou did this, Peter! This is all your fault!
1.53sI like your hair. Well, Daddy,
2.03syou've been treating Peter like dirt for years.
2.27sIt's choppier, it's more texturized.
2.27sDid you go to the Asian guy with the one name?
1.7sWell, now that you know how it feels,
1.67smaybe you want to give him an apology.
1.33sYou went to Taki, didn't you?
2.74sLook, Peter, I'm sorry for the way I treated you,