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2.5sHey, guys, I just bumped into Carter Pewterschmidt outside.
1.33sWhat a loser, huh?
4.77s(ALL LAUGHING) Okay, when he wasn't looking, I stuck a springy snake in his wallet.
5.14sWhat? (YELLS) And I switched out one of his eyeballs for a gag exploding eyeball.
5.04sWhat? That's... (SCREAMS) And then I paid a couple of Mexicans to run over him with their car.
2.34sI hope they don't just take the money and skip town.
1.63sOh, the swordfish looks good today.
1.73sI'll have that and start with the caviar.
1.27sHey, can I look at the menu?
1.93sSorry, Carter. This menu is for members only.
2.6sThe guest menu is on the placemat next to the word scramble.
2.44sI guess I'll have the chicken fingers and SpaghettiOs.
2.97sI'll also have the chicken fingers and SpaghettiOs.
1.55sOkay, you ready for some polo?
2.17sAll right, this is more like it. Where's Buttercup?
1.77sOh, only members can ride Buttercup.
2.9sGuests have to ride Topsy, the 'roid rage horse.