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2.8sThey were the ones who invented the buckle on the hat.
1.33sHey, I like your zipper hat.
1.43sI like your zipper hat.
1.87sMorning, fellas.
2.23sOh, that's going to be a game changer.
1.28sDo you hunt, Peter?
2.4sWell, I went to three stores to find this shirt.
3.04s(CHUCKLES) Peter, you've got moxie. I like that.
1.77sHey, I've got moxie, too! Watch this!
4.94sCarmen Miranda Carmen Miranda Was she a singer? Was she a dancer?
7.27sNobody knows They just remember the fruit Pewterschmidt, you imbecile! You think that's funny, wasting fruit?
3.17sThere are people dying in hilarious places. That is it!
2.4sYou are officially kicked out of this club!
1.57sWhat? Griffin.
3.57sWe just had an opening. Congratulations, you are now a member.