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1.48sAll right, I'll find it myself.
2.74sOh, my God, my old harmonica!
4.42sI'm going to play this really loud tonight to get back at our Armenian neighbors.
4.04s(MUSIC PLAYING) Hey. Hey, looks like a fun party.
2.37sUm, hey, listen, it's 2:00 in the morning.
2.4sUh, when is your five-year-old going to go to sleep?
1.23sSoon. Very soon.
2.37sYou want weird food wrapped in weird leaves?
3.94sYeah, look, I'm guessing there's some kind of soccer match from your home country going on,
1.73sand I get that, I do.
2.17sBut some of us are trying to sleep,
2.1sand I could almost deal with the noise,
2.27sbut it's the cologne, all right?
3.1sI can smell it in my bed, and I live two houses from here.
3.74sThat's how powerful it is, okay? That's how powerful it is.
1.47sYou like it?
1.33sYeah, I kind of like it.
1.53sOkay, so I know you're a harmonica,
3.84sbut right now you're a 40-year-old woman with a good body in a hotel pool.
1.57s"Hey, everybody, look at me.
2.67s"I work out seven days a week for these five minutes.