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2.5sWhat do you mean, "they all look the same?"
2.97sHey, there's all my favorite people!
1.73sOh, no, not this suck-up.
4.7sWhat are we talking about? Black people? Mexicans? Jews?
1.67sSo good to see you, Barrington.
1.33sHey, hey, where we going today, Reginald?
1.37sHuh? Huh? Where we going today?
1.37sYou and me is pals, ain't we, Reginald?
1.5sPewterschmidt, settle down!
2.24sI was having a nice conversation with Peter.
2.3sPeter, why don't you tell me more about your job?
1.4sYou said you like to drink at work?
1.73sI do. Oh, me, too!
2.13sMe, too. I'll drink anything. Even that hollandaise sauce. Give me that.
3.59s(MEG SCREAMS) Hey, Brian, Meg's Benedict.
1.32sOh, God.
2.77sStop. Stop. Stop. I'm sorry I even said it.
3.34sI'm so... It was a mistake. It was a mistake. I'm sorry I said it.
2.94sPeter, why don't you and I grab some air, huh?
1.8sDaddy, you're making a fool out of yourself.
1.47sWhy are you acting like this?
3.72sLook, I've been trying to get into Reginald Barrington's inner circle for years.