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1.85sThe Barringtons! How is that possible?
2.1sThat family is the pinnacle of high society.
1.54sThey haven't worked in eight generations.
1.57sAll the kids have drug problems.
1.54sMost of them have OD'd.
1.08sThat's terrible.
1.47sWell, not all kids make it, Lois.
2.4sJust ask the Sugar Smacks frog.
2.3sI'm sorry, I'm afraid you've lost two more.
1.33sWhat should we do about the graves?
1.4sDig 'em.
2.04sYou look really handsome today, Chris.
1sThanks, Amanda.
1.27sSTEWIE: Hey, Chris, say it.
3.5sI use Stewart Griffin Facial Cleanser. Try some.
1.07sGive her the web site.
1.4sNo, no, no, that's something else.
3.07sIt's StewieGriffin
3.32sHey, listen, Mr. Barrington, your granddaughter ain't no tease, right?
1.57s'Cause Chris really wants to get in there.
3.24sOh, you're a funny guy, Griffin. I like that.
2.27sWell, you should hear my prank phone calls.