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2.17sI love brownie day.
3.45sHey, so, uh, I'm digging a hole under the fence in the backyard.
2.27sBrian, you have a car. You don't have to escape.
1.73sJust don't fucking say anything, okay?
2.4sOh, you know what? Hang on, I left my harmonica in the tub.
1.67sI think Peter's in there taking a bath.
2.08sPETER: (SCREAMS) Son of a bitch!
1.72sWhat the hell did I just sit on?
2.57sWhere is it? Where's my harmonica? It's not here!
2.52sPeter, have you seen Stewie's harmonica? It was in the tub.
4.19sOh, my God, it was in the tub, and now it's in my butt!
4.47sStewie, Daddy needs your tiny hands for a very special project.
2.09sWell, good heavens, that's something, isn't it?
2.03sBy the way, Mr. Griffin, regarding your X-rays,
1.53swe're making a coffee table book.
1.27sCan you sign this release, please?
2.87sOkay, but first can we address my husband's situation?
1.92sWell, the harmonica's up there pretty good.
5.94sUnfortunately, removing it would require a very expensive surgery that's not covered by your T.G.I. Friday's gift card.