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5.27sYes. Now, I believe there is just one last piece of unfinished business to take care of here.
7.36s(GROANS) I'm sorry, but the Viscount James Earl Tennis Racquet and Duke of Lacrosse Team already arrived two hours ago.
1.47sBut that's impossible!
2.95sPeter, I'm sorry you've got to give up the country club life.
1.45sOh, that's okay, Lois.
1.3s'Cause you know, I got to say,
1.77sI don't think those rich guys have it all that great.
1.33sToo much stress.
1.43sYou know, you give me the choice,
1.4sI'll choose our life any day of the week.
1.33sMe too, Peter.
2.1sCan I have $50 to get my hair cut?
3.3sAbsolutely not. That's a waste of money. I will cut it myself.
3.19s(SNIPPING) You look like garbage. What happened?