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3.14sSecurity! Come throw these frauds out of my club!
0.85sDamn it, Peter, you blew it!
2.64s(WHIMPERS) I knew I couldn't depend on you!
2.27sYou're not worthy to lick my designer shoes,
1.47syou fat, low-life slob!
1.43sBut, Carter, please!
2.5sHere, skip this rope and do a lively schoolgirl chant.
2.2sBut, Carter, I don't know any city girl rhymes.
1.37sDo it!
7.01sLettuce, carrots, peppers and peas Your mother says you got to have these Now do it double time with new vegetables!
3.14sCabbage, taters spinach and peas You already said "peas!"
1.77sI don't know any more vegetables.
2.3sWait a second, hang on there.
2.22sThe way you abused that man just now,
1.9sthe way you treated your lesser...
2.17sI underestimated you, Pewterschmidt.
2.2sI thought you were just some suck-up loser,
3.74sbut you have shown me that you've got the mettle to be one of us.
1.23sYou are back in the club.
1.94sOh, thank you, Mr. Barrington!
5.27sYes. Now, I believe there is just one last piece of unfinished business to take care of here.