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2.27sWhy, yes, that'd be lovely.
2.6sAh! The finer things.
1.93sSo, what brings you gentlemen to town?
1.13sWe're here on business.
3.2sIn fact, we just came from a meeting with the venerable Carter Pewterschmidt.
1.23sOutstanding man.
1.3sReally? Yeah, well,
2.57she used to be a member here, but he was very annoying.
1.9sOh, my, that's surprising.
2.44sI've heard he has quite the blue-blood pedigree.
4.91sYou know, he got a piece of Jackie Kennedy before she was defiled by that hairy olive-eater.
3.29sYeah, and he once made me a grilled cheese sandwich after this.
2.13sWell, I wasn't sure about Pewterschmidt,
1.77sbut after hearing you gentlemen talk,
2smaybe I could give him another chance.
0.67sOh. wow!
2sThat's great news, Carter. You're back in!
3.6sHey, let's get a couple of girls and have seventh-grade in-the-same-room-make-outs.
2.03s"Carter"? Wait a minute.
1.38sYou're not Duke of Lacrosse Team!
3.34sAnd you're not Viscount James Earl Tennis Racquet!
3.14sSecurity! Come throw these frauds out of my club!
0.85sDamn it, Peter, you blew it!
2.64s(WHIMPERS) I knew I couldn't depend on you!