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6.37sthe exceedingly wealthy and very important Viscount James Earl Tennis Racquet, and Duke of Lacrosse Team.
2.04sHello, I'm Reginald Barrington.
2.1sWhere are you fine gentlemen from?
3.28sWe are European, from the United Coloreds of Benetton.
1.82sBut you don't sound like you're from Europe.
1.17sIs that so?
2.6sWell, perhaps I should take my thong elsewhere.
1.6sWell, let's not be hasty.
5.34sYour Majesty, won't you please join me as my personal guests in the Barrington Room?
1.48sThe Barrington Room?
2.57sPeter, that's the most exclusive room in all of New England.
4sYeah, I hear it's even harder to get in there than the University of Arizona.
3.15sWell, it's beating. Welcome to the Wildcats.
1.78sThis is the Barrington Room.
4.54sHave a seat in the deepest, most luxurious leather chair in the world.