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1.53sOkay, so I know you're a harmonica,
3.84sbut right now you're a 40-year-old woman with a good body in a hotel pool.
1.57s"Hey, everybody, look at me.
2.67s"I work out seven days a week for these five minutes.
3.17s"Your attention is going to keep me "from swallowing a bottle of pills."
2.33sLOIS: Hey, everyone, I made brownies!
2.79s(GASPS) I better hurry up. I'm going to miss the show.
3.92sWhat did I do? What did I do?
2.17sI love brownie day.
3.45sHey, so, uh, I'm digging a hole under the fence in the backyard.
2.27sBrian, you have a car. You don't have to escape.
1.73sJust don't fucking say anything, okay?
2.4sOh, you know what? Hang on, I left my harmonica in the tub.
1.67sI think Peter's in there taking a bath.
2.08sPETER: (SCREAMS) Son of a bitch!
1.72sWhat the hell did I just sit on?
2.57sWhere is it? Where's my harmonica? It's not here!
2.52sPeter, have you seen Stewie's harmonica? It was in the tub.
4.19sOh, my God, it was in the tub, and now it's in my butt!