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1.99sI can't do it!
2.99sHey, buddy, you're learning. You'll get there.
1.2sBender, I was wrong.
1.87sYou're a fine parent, and I want to...
1.85sLeela was wrong! Leela was wrong!
1.6sLeela was wrong! Leela was wrong!
2.94sDaddy, how'd you get so good at bending?
2.52sI inherited my arm control software from my mom.
2.4sThat's how it's passed down, mother to son.
2.6sBut my mommy had no arms!
2.65sDoes that mean I can never be a bender?
3.64sWell, sure you can! You just need to get a bending card installed.
3.85sI hate to crush a boy's dreams, but what the heck.
4.51sHe has only one expansion slot, and it holds his memory card.
3.19sThis robot will never bend.