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1.37sI'm not ready!
2.3sThere's so much of the world I haven't stolen yet!
3.27sRelax, Bender. No one would let you near a child.
5.07sBev will get custody, and you'll be a deadbeat dad who never even bothers to know his own son.
2.17s(SNIFFLES) You really think so?
3.39sI know so. You're absolutely horrible in every way.
1.42sYou're sweet, Leela.
6.01s(GIGGLING) Sorry, Bev, but I ain't cut out for fatherhood.
3.69sSo here's my certificate of abandonment drawn up by our notary.
1.35sThat'll be 10 bucks.
2.37sNow take your kid and hit the soup line!
3.49s(LAUGHS) (SOBS) Oh, no, you don't, mister!
2.03sDamn baby's driving me crazy!