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1.1s(GULPS) Ooh! Ooh!
3.12sHey, drink machine, what kind of alcoholic sodas you got?
2.69sY'all can't drink at work! This ain't a sawmill!
4.84sNo alcohol? (SCOFFS) And you got the nerve to call yourself a beverage machine?
2.09sI call myself Bev.
2.33sAnd if you're looking for a smelly old can of booze,
1.2sgo look in the mirror.
1.77sOh, snap. Ooh...
2.44sNo, no, everybody calm down.
1.74sYeah, I need one more Slurm.
2.54sAnd one more to wash that Slurm taste out of my mouth.
3.07sSo I went to the bathroom, and my pee was green. Pretty neat, huh?
2.44sI was wondering who Shrekked in the toilet.