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3.94sLadies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on our amazing new
1.43ssoda machine!
2.82s(ALL CHEERING) That's what I'm talking about!
2.52sYou undersold it, Professor!
3.64sLook, it has Slurm Loco! It's the extreme-iest!
1.77sHey, what can I get y'all?
3.49sWow, you can talk? Shut up and give me a Slurm Loco.
1.1s(GULPS) Ooh! Ooh!
3.12sHey, drink machine, what kind of alcoholic sodas you got?
2.69sY'all can't drink at work! This ain't a sawmill!
4.84sNo alcohol? (SCOFFS) And you got the nerve to call yourself a beverage machine?
2.09sI call myself Bev.
2.33sAnd if you're looking for a smelly old can of booze,
1.2sgo look in the mirror.
1.77sOh, snap. Ooh...
2.44sNo, no, everybody calm down.
1.74sYeah, I need one more Slurm.