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2.3sI want my show to have a timeless quality.
2.1sHere's your hanging chad sketch, Krusty.
3.64sOh, good, you worked in Judge Ito.
2.73sPlease put Buck on! He's my hero!
1.74sPlus, he'll work for scale.
1.92sScale minus 10.
2.3sI ain't goin' on some clown show.
3.57sI'm retired. No one expects you to do anything difficult.
1.84sThey understand you're too old.
5.02sListen, missy. The last two city slickers who used reverse psychology on me...
1.97sare pushin' up daisies.
0.65sThey're dead?
3.17sNo, they just got lousy jobs.
3.6sYou know what? I bet he can't even fit into his old costume.
3.62sI can't, huh? You two wait right here.