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2.37sI'm still not givin' up on Buck.
3.5sThere must be some harebrained, half-assed way--
4.96sThis just in: A robbery is in progress at the National Bank of Springfield.
4.14sThe robbers are equipped with the latest in high-tech weaponry and body armor.
2.62sStay back, coppers!
2.67sUh, please, everyone! Stay away!
2.4sWe don't want anyone to be a hero!
2.49sA hero! A hero!
2.83sGet me Buck McCoy!
1.93sDad, I'm on the line.
4.05sHere ya go. Just stop this bank robbery, and you'll be a hero again.
2.05s- I'll wait in the car. - Are you crazy?
4.24sI'm a movie cowboy. And you're no Howard Hawks.
3.05sThat hurts. But I just have one question.
2.75sDo you want my son to be disappointed in you?