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4.64sAnd "poo-poo" and "pee-pee" and "penis" and "gay"
14.21sThose are the 98 words we don't say (CHEERING) My God! You stole all your ideas from those poor, innocent creatures and hogged all the credit?
1.6sI underestimated you.
1.67sWait. I can explain.
2.52sNah, don't ruin it. I'm loving the hypocrisy.
2.62sIt's like catching an evangelist in a whorehouse.
2.03sThat was the best Christmas ever.
1.43sYou know I hate lying.
2.19sBut those orphans were so proud of me,
1.62sI couldn't bear to let them down.
5.96s(SCOFFS) At least Reverend Pickens had the dignity to jump out the whorehouse window with his pants around his ankles.
1.63sWho's your friend, Leela?
3.1sHe sure has a shiny metal bumbledy-boop.
1.93sThey're so cute and harmless.
2.4sNo wonder you feel safe ripping off their act.
2.33sBender, I feel bad enough already.
4.1s(BENDER LAUGHING) I'm just messing with you. I love that you're getting rich off of them.