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2.13swho's also secretly a massage chair?
4.1sNo. I play a high school student who's also secretly a rock star.
2.07sBut in real life, I'm a massage chair.
3.3sYou ever made out with a tugboat?
2.72sGuys, I didn't have time to mention it up there,
3.52sbut I want each of you to know what an honor it is to work with me.
1.98sSweet ego of Montego!
2.64sSomeone build a wind farm in front of her mouth!
1.45sLeela, I mean this,
2.79syou're the greatest creative mind since blah, blah, blah-bity blah.
2.72sBut it's 2:00 a.m., and you still haven't written tomorrow's episode.
5.24sWell, you can't expect me to write it here with everyone talking so loudly about how great I am.
2.33sI'm taking the ship to my quiet place so I can be alone.
2.8sYou non-creatives can catch a bus home.