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1.37sI got one!
2.74sOkay, kids. Put away the dust motes till tomorrow.
1.38sIt's story time.
6.07s(ALL CLAMORING) Today's storyteller is a space captain who grew up right here at the orphanarium.
3.84sWelcome back the bed-wetter of Building D, Turanga Leela.
5.22s(CLAPPING) Hi, kids. What book would you like me to read first?
2.08sWe don't got books no more.
1.57sHe means "anymore."
2.53sLook, sometimes you got to choose between eating and reading,
2.4sso they ate the books. Just make something up.
4.44sMake something up? Um. Okay.
3.42sOnce upon a time, there was a, uh...
1.3sYes! That!
6.29s(ALL EXCLAIMING) A one-eyed princess in a long, flowing tank top.
2.62sAnd she lived in a magical one-room...