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2.65sBut how do I know what to lick and what not to lick?
1.83sIt's very simple.
10.96s(TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING) If it's alive, don't lick it Like a horse, a turtle or a cricket I like turtles!
3.9sSo, if you're not sure if it's alive or dead
4.29sPoke it with a stick and lick the stick instead
1.55sNow I get it!
1.75sWell, that's all for today.
5.19sBut before we go, let's do everything we just did two more times.
1.37sLeela, that was great!
3.34sEven I have to admire the performance of me, Bender.
2.67sThe show looks so cute. Kids will love it!
4.44sAnd it looks so cruddy, their ironic hipster parents will "love it."
2.2sThanks, guys, but let's be realistic.
4.19sWe all know any TV show that's even slightly good gets canceled.
2.59sSometimes two or three times.