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4.27sOkay. I'll do it to show you kids you can succeed at anything,
2.84sif you just luck out hard enough.
4.44sWelcome to the glamorous, big-money world of basic cable TV!
1.7sI'm going to need that pen back.
5.25sWorking on a real TV show is so exciting. I'm on a mostly natural high.
2.84sThese costumes are gonna make it hard to go to the bathroom.
1.63sI'm not having any problem.
1.42sWe're shooting in five minutes,
2.18sand this Leela broad hasn't even delivered a script yet!
1.59sSweet zombie Jesus!
4.17sLike it's not hard enough to make a freakin' TV show for under 50 bucks.
1.93sDamn it. I'll call you back, Grandma.
1.9sNice of you to show up, toots.
2.27sI mean that sincerely. It's just that I'm in showbiz.
3.74sSorry, I went to my quiet place to write. Here's the script.