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2.19sOh, yeah! Pachinko break!
2sMACHINE: Tokyo crazy balls! Yes!
6.02s(INCESSANT NOISE CONTINUES) Oh! Good, Leela, you're here. I'd like to describe my foot pain.
3.2sMy left has a sharp, jabbing throb near the bunion,
2.3swhile the other's got a searing pain like gout.
2.4sMaybe it's too much albumin because of gravity...
3.79sUgh. Even if I had a pen, I couldn't write under these conditions.
2.3sI'm going to some other planet where I can concentrate.
3.74sSearing, searing pain that feels as if it were in a vice.
1.77sWell, that was rude.
2.59sWarden Vogel, I have a new story for the children.
2.45sI'm sure they'll like it more than my last one.
2.08sThey liked hunger cramps more than your last one.
2.64sAnyhow, you'll have to wait. The kids are busy right now.
2.29sIs the organ-harvesting clown here?
2sNah, Rusty comes on Tuesdays now.
2.7sToday it's the owner of the Tickleodeon Kids Network.
4.02sOkay, kids, get ready to be subjected to our new fall shows.