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3.7sI want to show you the story I made up.
4.94sThat's Gumdrop, Sticky, Candycorn, Sourball, and Jujube.
4.24sThey're brothers and sisters and they live in Butterscotch Hollow.
2.45sSally, that's wonderful.
2.67sYou came up with that yourself? Out of thin air?
3.75sYou were an orphan, and now you're the best writer ever.
2.7sSo I knew I could write, too.
2.02sThank you for being my hero.
1.43sI can't do this anymore.
1.55sI don't blame you.
4.1sHaving to wear a costume made from a hollowed-out walrus.
2.33sEveryone, I have a confession.