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3.24sWe once found a dead guy face-down in the Slurm
11.36sIt could easily happen again to you folks So keep your head down and keep your mouth shut Grunka lunka lunka dunkity dutt! Hey! I don't pay you to sing.
3.1sYou just used up today's bathroom break.
1.4sI heard that.
7.16sNow, on your right you'll see the Slurm master checking the Slurm for color and bouquet.
1.8sSo thirsty...
1.68sthen he tastes it.
3.62sHe tastes it and tastes it, then tastes it some more.
2.54sUh, could I have some Slurm, please?
2.04sNo food or drink allowed on the tour.
3.5sYou'll have to wait till you're partying with Slurms McKenzie.
0.21sWhen will that be?
1.81sSoon enough.
1.57sThat's not soon enough.
2.2sHey, what's behind that door?
1.87sIs it the secret ingredient?