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1.5sHmm. "Heinie," you say?
5.17sWhy, with your testimony we'll finally be able to outlaw this insidious Slurm.
1.7sOutlaw Slurm?!
1.92sUh, don't pay any attention to him, sir.
2.33sGrandpa's making up crazy stories again.
1.85sI'm not your grandpa.
3.7sYou're my uncle. From the year 2000!
4.05sOkay, grandpa, we'll take care of the bad worms.
1.3sDon't you worry.
3.87sAh, I just wish Slurms McKenzie were here to enjoy this with me.
2.37sYeah, that Slurms sure loved to party.
4.22sWhat do you say we all party one last time for him?
1.05sFor Slurms.
1.53sFor Slurms.
1.67sWhammy wozzle.