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1.9sIt's the Rapture, Shauna. The Rapture.
5.32sThe virtuous have gone to heaven and the rest of us have been left below.
3.17s(GASPS) Left below? Where have I heard that before?
3.27sIt's the title of the movie. (GASPS) It's everywhere!
1.57sWe were fools!
3.44sAnd because we rejected God, tacitly accepting Satan,
2.67swe must suffer through the Apocalypse.
6.81s(THUNDER CRACKING) I thought all religions were a path to God. I was wrong.
5.14s(THUNDER CRACKING) Why did I put my faith in science and technology?
4.34s(THUNDER CRACKING) Oh, why did I choose to be gay?
3.67sOh! This movie will haunt me for the rest of my life.