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1.79sThis year, Laramie is sponsoring...
2sthe Little Miss Springfield Pageant.
3.5sYou see, government regulations prohibit us from advertising on TV.
2.35sThat sweet Carolina smoke.
2.29sBut they can't prohibit us from holding a beauty pageant...
2.67sfor little girls age seven to nine.
1.5sLisa's age seven to nine!
3.22sYour daughter could be crowned Little Miss Springfield by our host,
2.9sthe maitre d' of glee, Krusty the Clown!
3.8sI heartily endorse this event or product.
2.57sWhat a feeling! I'm as happy as a smoker...
2.94staking that first puff in the morning.
2.47sThat could be Lisa! The Little Miss Springfield Pageant.
3.47sOnly $250 to enter.
4.22sHey, Barney, will you give me 250 bucks for this blimp ticket?
2.6sWhere'd you get all the money?