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3.65sGentlemen, our prayers have been answered.
3.5sTake a look at our Little Miss Springfield's pageant application.
2.8sRoxy, bring in a bottle of champagne.
2.8sYeah, and some dip for these chips or somethin'.
3.64sLisa Simpson is no longer Little Miss Springfield.
3.1sShe was stripped of her crown in a ceremony earlier today.
2.64sWell, that's obviously the wrong footage.
5.47sUh, but it does seem the father of the deposed beauty queen, Homer Simpson,
2.33sfilled out the pageant application incorrectly.
4.4sIn the area under "Do not write in this space," he wrote, "Okay".
2.62sIf it wasn't for me, you'd still be queen.
3.89sYou must hate me. Dad, do you remember why you entered me in that pageant?
2.03s- I don't know. Was I drunk? - Possibly.
4.84sBut the point is, you wanted me to feel better about myself, and I do.
2.75sWill you remember this the next time I wreck your life?