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2.94sbut your eyesight will return in time.
1.1sWhere am I?
1.64sJabba's palace.
1.47sWho are you?
1.92sSomeone who loves you.
2.33sWhoa! You are smothering me, and I need my space.
5.09s(JOE LAUGHING) Wait a minute, who's that? I know that laugh.
2.23sIt's the 7Up guy!
3.12s(ALIENS LAUGHING) It's not the 7Up guy.
1.23sYeah, it is.
3.34sHey, say, "Crisp and clean, no caffeine."
1.33sHan? What are you doing here?
1.47sChewie? Is that you?
2.73sYeah, it's me. I got caught eating out of Jabba's trash.
3.64sWell, I guess the good news is we're not being pushed into a giant anus in the desert.
1.7s- What's wrong with your eyes? - I'm blind.
2.9sIt's part of the hibernation sickness. That and these lesions,
2.6sand the fatigue that I've been feeling, and the persistent cough.