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2.23sWhat the hell, man? I was gonna make it!
2.62sThanks for watching over me and keeping me safe.
2.1sFuck you! You murdered me, you ass.
1.4sThe end.
3.1sAnd that's the final chapter in the Star Wars saga.
1.27sWhat about the prequels?
1.95sI think The Cleveland Show is gonna do those.
3.17sDad, one question. What do you got against Seth Green?
2.72sI just think he's a douche. You got a problem with that?
2.43sWell, we're all entitled to our own opinion.
3.2sFor example, me, I think Seth MacFarlane is a douche.
1.77sWhat's that, now? Yeah, I don't like him, either.