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2.07sShut up! And after he's dead, cut off his face and wear it as your face.
2.3sPlease! I've had it up to here with Ewoks.
1.58sNow, stab him and wear his face!
2.37sAnd then go home to his family still wearing his face,
2.85sand see how long it takes them to figure out that it's you and not him.
1.3sHold it right there!
2.08sYou rebel scum.
3.54sWow. What a voice! Do you mind reading this for me?
3.37s"Paging Mr. Herman, Mr. Pee-wee Herman."
2.47sI found my bike! (LAUGHS)
2.34sWhat do you mean, we can't get any reading on the shield?
2.69sMan, only thing I'm reading is Cat in the Hat.
2.2sDamn cat! That hat looks ridiculous!