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1.63sHey, guys, look over there!
2.57sIt's a hot girl from Florida.
2.65sNo, Chewie, don't! If you talk to her, you have to talk to her mom!
1.94sI see you've met my daughter.
3.57sYou know, we were just mistaken for sisters over at the bar.
2.03sChewie, get away from... (EXCLAIMS)
1.72sHow are we going to get out of here?
2.17sWait a second, guys. I got an idea.
3.74sRemember that laser I used to break Leia out of Jabba's handcuffs?
2.57sWell, here comes a little tiny saw!
3.02sWhoa! What the hell are these? Hamsters?
2.4sOh, my God, they're adorable!
8.91s(GASPING) (ALL EXCLAIMING) ALL: (CHANTING) Gold Guy. Gold Guy. Gold Guy.