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1.57sAll right, this is it.
3.79sShuttle Tyderium requesting deactivation of the deflector shield.
2.67sShuttle Tyderium, transmit the clearance code for shield passage.
1.42sTransmission commencing.
2.5sNow we find out if that code is worth the price we paid.
1.65sVader's on that ship.
2.69sDon't get jittery, Luke. There's a lot of command ships.
1.45sKeep your distance, though, Chewie.
1.93sBut don't look like you're trying to keep your distance.
1.4sHow am I supposed to do that?
1.78sI don't know, fly casual!
2.67sDoes that casual-looking shuttle have a code clearance?
1.77sWell, it's an older code, sir.
5.37s(JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING) But it checks out. Wait a minute.
1.77sSkywalker's on that ship.
1.03sYou can sense him?
1.22sNo, he's right there.
1.27sThey're not going for it, Chewie.
2.22sEverybody, they're not going for it. This is failing.
2.3sLuke, take this gun. You shoot me, I'll shoot you.