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2.1sWhy, yes, I do have a credit card.
1.6sName is Yoda...
3.52sI can't believe Master Yoda's dead.
2.52sYoda will always be with you, Luke.
3.1s(GASPING) A ghost!
3.54sObi-Wan! Why didn't you tell me Vader was my father?
2.47sWhy didn't you tell me you got a new hand?
2.64sLet's take that thing out for a test drive.
2.27sBut if Vader's my father,
2.54sdoes that mean I'm vulnerable to the dark side?
4.14sSeriously, put your hand like you're gonna pull a carrot out of the ground.
4.59sObi-Wan, Yoda said there's another Skywalker.
3.22sThere is, Luke. You have a sister.