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1.66slike a comet.
2.03sTake it from me, lce, you can't just
2.33sfloat around space not caring about stuff forever.
1.76sPfft. Man, watch me.
1.66sGood luck, Rick.
1.63sOkay, things are getting out of hand.
2.83sI better make sure Rick has everything he needs to get schwifty.
1.76sOh, for god's sakes. That's enough.
1.4sWhat the hell are you doing, Nathan?!
2.43sI'm the goddamn President ofthe United fucking States!
3.54sI'm setting the nuclear option to launch one minute into Earth's performance.
2.7sAnd you, Mr. President...
2.99sI hope you like being hit in the face with a gun.
2.83sWait, wait, wait. Why -- why --
3.84sI believe I can access the history of Rick's gun and help you get back to him.
1.13sBut can you help me get to my family?
1.16sYou know, at -- at my house?
3.53sIs your intention to abandon Rick using his own portal gun?
2.73sln Bird culture, this is considered a dick move.
1.97sAll of Rick's moves are dick moves!
1.16sWhat -- what am I eating?
1.43sWh-what is this, bird-- birdseed?
2.43sIt is random debris. I found it in my carpet.