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3.46sbut if Marty doesn't come back with my portal gun and I eat it out there,
1.9sit's, uh, you know, kind of your problem, too.
2.94sPfft! I ain't worried about no Earth blowing up, man.
1.23sWhat? Why not?
2.83sYo, this is why.
2.06sWhat the fuck, you can turn into ice?
4.86sMy story begins at the dawn oftime in the faraway realm of Alphabetrium.
3.03sThere, every being is a letter ofthe alphabet.
7.13sBut I was frozen and exiled to the cosmos by my elders as punishment for not caring enough about anything.
4.8sEarth is just one of my many stops on a lifelong journey with no destination.
2.59sSo you better believe I don't care if it blows up,
3.06sbecause I'll just be ice floating through space,
1.66slike a comet.
2.03sTake it from me, lce, you can't just
2.33sfloat around space not caring about stuff forever.
1.76sPfft. Man, watch me.
1.66sGood luck, Rick.
1.63sOkay, things are getting out of hand.
2.83sI better make sure Rick has everything he needs to get schwifty.