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1.59sI'm going to start dinner!
1.19sI don't know what to say.
1.99sSummer is doing really well here.
2.76sShe's aced every test in potato class,
2.06sand look how important potatoes have become.
3.73sShe's not getting pregnant or doing drugs or missing curfew.
2.03sPlease help me. You can reach me if you try.
1.37sPlease help me!
2.2sThat's not our business as long as Summer is thriving.
1.63sTaco time!
2.4sI hope it pleases you as the Head desires.
1.49sThat's wonderful, Summer.
1.66sWe're so proud of you.
2.43sBut obviously you don't have to make dinner every night.
2.33sOf course I do, silly!
2.97sOh, my god, daddy! I'm sorry I called you silly!
1.59sI I'm so sorry!
1.43sHeavenly Heads and cranial creator,
2.53sforgive my transgressions against family and community.
2.43sMay my chores complete me as I complete them.