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2.13sHeadward, free now to rise.
1.93sHeadward, free now to rise.
1.43sHeadward, free now to rise.
2.7sOh, yes! Yes! Rise to the giant Head!
1.56sYou are free to be free!
1.99sAnd squeegee comes up from the garage, right?
1.66sBut he's got a lobster in one hand,
1.9sthe movie tickets in the other, he's like, "I'm ready!"
1.7sYou gonna take a lobster to see "Iron Man 3"?
1.16sAh, damn.
1.99sWe're out of original-flavor Fig Newtons.
1.37sI should get going anyway.
1.23sWait, wait, wait! C-come on.
1.99sH-hold on a second. Hold on.
1.66s- What?! - Damn.
2.09sYou didn't tell me you fuck around with portals and shit.
1.13sThat's it!
1.4sWhoa, whoa, Marty! Give me that.
1.13sYou lied! You lied about the charge!
1.33sYou were just being lazy!