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1.87swe're not gonna have enough charge left to get off world,
0.99s- Get it? - What?!
1.19sYeah. You see?
2.6sI try to shelter you from certain realities Morty,
1.4sbecause if I let you make me nervous,
1.56sthen we can't get schwifty.
2.09sStop saying it like it's a thing! You made it up!
1.43sHey, Marty, could you lick my-,
1.43sballs, balls. ..
1.7sRick, cut it out! It's not funny, Rick!
2.63sI've seen enough. These guys are one-hit wonders.
1.3sAnd what's your plan, General?
1.3sWe still have the nuclear option.
4.23sOn my word, we can launch a missile at every one ofthose heads in the sky.
2.3sOur planet's held captive on a live game show,
1.52sand your solution is to shoot the audience?
2.26sYou can put your faith in nukes if we get through this, General.
2.59sUntil then, I'll put mine in Rick and Marty,
2.53s"Get Schwifty" was a jam.
1.99sHello? Yes, sir, yeah.
1.56sEh, thank you, sir. Thank you.
6.07sHe says he's proud of what we're doing and hopes we have a great ascension festival!
0.97sHappy ascension!
1.23sALL: Happy ascension!
1.87sWe should pack up and leave town now.