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2.43sBut in the end, there can only be one...
1.87sPlanet Music!
1.59sAll participation is in voluntary.
5.07sDisqualified and losing planets are disintegrated by plasma ra y Uh, it's probably a bad time to mention it,
3.2sbut any astronauts you guys had in orbit are definitely dead.
2.16sHEAD: Welcome back to "Planet Music"!
5.1sFirst up, let's hear the latest song from planet Parblesnops', The Greeby Bobes!
1.66sShow me what you got!
2.2sHold it, hold it, Stop.
2.47sMusic isn't about competition or captivity.
2.06slfyou love music, you love freedom.
2.83sLet these worlds be free! Please!
2.43sThere's one every season.
3.06sMoving on to planet Arboles Mentirosos.