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1.4sJ, It's time to get schwifty J,
3.84sGet "Schwifty"? What the hell is that?
2.87slt's ourworld's best effort. That's what.
1.73sJ, Take off your pants and your panties J,
2.03sJ, Shit on the floor J,
2.13sJ, Time to get schwifty in here J,
2.33sJ, l'm Mr. Bulldops J,
1.56s"Mr. Bulldops"?
1.43sDon't analyze it, Nathan. It's working!
1.76sJ, Take a shit on the floor J,
2.09sJ, Time to get schwifty in here J,
3.87s...and third-level donors get our all-access family pass.
1.87sListen! The storm is stopping!
2.49sJ, Hey, take your pants off J,
1.83sJ, lt's schwifty time today J,
4.09sPlease be kind to us, forwe are but tiny things with entire bodies, stuck to your ground.
4.94sI like what you got! Good job!
1.99s- Yeah! - Whoo!
0.93sWe did it!