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1.52sRick, I think we need to cut our losses.
1.66sW-we get our family and portal out of here!
2.37sMarty, good music comes from people who are relaxed.
1.9sJust hit a button, Marty! Give me a beat!
1.63sOh, man. Okay. All right, um...
2.26sJ, Oh, yeah J,
2.23sJ, You gotta get schwifty J,
3.46sJ, You gotta get schwifty in here J,
1.4sJ, It's time to get schwifty J,
3.84sGet "Schwifty"? What the hell is that?
2.87slt's ourworld's best effort. That's what.
1.73sJ, Take off your pants and your panties J,
2.03sJ, Shit on the floor J,
2.13sJ, Time to get schwifty in here J,
2.33sJ, l'm Mr. Bulldops J,
1.56s"Mr. Bulldops"?
1.43sDon't analyze it, Nathan. It's working!
1.76sJ, Take a shit on the floor J,
2.09sJ, Time to get schwifty in here J,
3.87s...and third-level donors get our all-access family pass.
1.87sListen! The storm is stopping!
2.49sJ, Hey, take your pants off J,