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3.99sYou're gonna want to put them on that giant speaker system at your sonic testing facility at Area 51.
1.37sHow do you know about that?
1.02sFor god's sake, Nathan,
1.16sthe man turns people into snakes.
1.66sHe can use Google maps.
1.56sSir, Pharrell, Newman, Corgan, and that Dream guy --
1.76s- They're all dead. - What?
2.56sHow is that possible? Do people just die when I name them?
1.33sThe Grammys, sir.
2.33sThere was an earthquake| the musicians,
2.43sall the famous ones... they're gone.
1.19sDear god.
0.93sHold on, sir. Just a minute.
1.76slce-T survived.
2.9sHe's inbound on an F-15, E.T.A. two hours.
1.56sGood luck, Mr. President.
1.83sSir, the magnetic poles are about to reverse.
2.13sIn two hours, there may not be an Earth to save.
2.13sSanchez? Are you a musician?
1.76sl dabble, Mr. President.
3.03sGet this man and his grandson on a Black Hawk to Area 51.